I Am

by Tom Simmons

I once was a man
Of many faces
Alone on a path to oblivion,
Years went by
With an equal share of pain and happiness,

The burden of pain overwhelmed
And took my soul!
Unhappiness, conformity , abandonment, anger and lust for power and honour consumed me

A voice came over me
Telling me there was another path
Than the path to oblivion
Many voices
And for the first time
I listened
Follow your heart!
And it will guide you!

So I followed my heart and found myself in an unfamiliar place of guidance and love
A love so strong it was drowning me
Then the guide touched me on the shoulder and said
The power you sought you already had
The honour you sought you already had
The love you sought you already had
What you seek is a true opening of the heart!

And in this sacred place he looked in my eyes and whispered ask and you shall receive!

I am no longer a man of many faces
I AM!!

Warrior Heart

Zenmaus Written by:

maestro, apprentice, coder, foodie, yogi

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