Mastering Fear

Fear is King
King of negative emotions
Or maybe
It is the only negative emotion

Fear is instinct
Instinct for survival
Instinct for fight
Instinct for flight

Fear has many faces

Anger is Fear
Fear of pain
Fear of hurt
Anger rages from within
Anger masters us
And hurts us more than pain
If we don’t master anger

Shame is Fear
Fear of what others think
Fear of what others say
Shame burns deep
Whether or not we’ve done wrong
When we are abused
When we are abusers
We feel shame for the crimes of humanity
We even feel shame for our sexuality
When our sexuality is actually a gift

Anxiety is Fear
Fear of unseen danger
Fear of the future
Fear of the unknown
Fear of what if
We take our profound
And uniquely human gift
The gift of imagination
And use it to worry
What a waste

Anger, shame, anxiety
Masks of Fear
There are many more

We are programmed for Fear from birth
By our parents
Overprotection or abandonment
Or both
By our religions and governments
For power and control
By our media
Because Fear sells
By society
Collective psyche of fear

We hide behind masks
We put on brave faces
And pretend to be strong
We turn away from fear
And pretend it doesn’t exist
We wear the awesomeness of our lives
The material world
Money, toys, possessions

We bury the Fear
We bury the anger, the shame, the anxiety
Until we don’t feel it inside
We don’t admit we are afraid
Not even to ourselves
And feel empty

But Fear cannot be buried
Fear rots and festers
Fear rises like the walking dead
Fear grows like a sick and twisted tree
Eating our minds from within
And unleashed unto the world

Instead, Fear must be purged
It is time for a reset

The answer

Courage comes from the same place as
Compassion and Kindness
Honor and Integrity

The Heart

We must exercise our Hearts
Challenge ourselves
Challenge Fear

Take Anger
To a mat
A heavy bag
A primal howl in the jungle
Whatever the medium
Never to hurt others
Always to challenge ourselves

Take Shame
Face it
If we are hurt
Feel the pain
Release it
If we are guilty
Forgive ourselves
It doesn’t matter what happened in the past
It matters what we do in the future

Take Anxiety
Embrace our deepest fears
And imagine the worst
What if we find out we were terminally ill
And have only one month to live
What would we say?
What would we do?
How would we love?

Take small steps
A cold shower
A walk in the woods
An overdue phone call

Take leaps
Out of an airplane
Quit the job you hate
Forgive someone

A wise man once said
There is nothing to Fear
But Fear itself

Embrace Fear
Feel Fear
Embrace Courage
Release Fear
Embrace Love
Open the Heart

Zenmaus Written by:

maestro, apprentice, coder, foodie, yogi

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