Sherpa 101

From the many great conversations at Casual Connect USA 2016 in San Francisco.

Recommended Content

The Sherpa Problem – by Umair Haque

The Three Most Important Questions by Ramit Sethi

Hell Yeah! or no. by Derek Sivers

Peruvian Plant Medicines

Wim HofVICE documentary and teaching Joe Rogan.

Wait But Why – My favorite blog including the Elon Musk series.

Kurzgesagt Youtube channel and Addiction is about pain.

Patreon – crowdfunding site to support creation.

Light Field Rendering – VES Youtube Series and Lytro Cameras.

Vagal Tone – researching how to tune this.

Nutritional Ketosis


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  1. July 24, 2016

    Such an amazing smorgasbord of wisdom and insight for my mind & soul. I must read and thrive! Thanks Maestro.

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