Synchronicity in Lima

Down the Cliffs to the Stony Beach
The Stone Dock
Symphony of Waves, Stones, and Pebbles

On the Path Home
Beautiful encounter with Peruvian Potheads
Shared a Joint and some Brotherly Love

On the Road to The Place
The Mysteries of the Multiverse Unfolded
Before our Eyes and Minds

What if we are Physically at Sanctuary?

We are Vibrations
That Travel through Space, Time and Across Dimensions

Follow the Heart and Vibrate Higher
Seek Love… Spirituality… God.
Raise Consciousness

Seek Power… Engage the Reptile.
Alcohol reduces us to the lower world, the REPTILE MODE
Lower Consciousness

Enlightenment Continues
Secrets of the Universe
The Raft of Higher Vibrations
The Gravity of Consciousness

The Stream of the Universe
Flows with the Energies of the World
Pulses of Consciousness
Can Ripple across Time and Dimensions
Small Pulses
Large Pulses

As Vibrations, we can cross streams to Other Dimensions
As we Raise and Lower our Level
The Higher the Vibration, the More Powerful
Channels of Energy
Love, Passion, Music, Art, Beauty, Nature, Sex

Zenmaus Written by:

maestro, apprentice, coder, foodie, yogi

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