Wildivore. This word popped out of my head when I was on a May 2015 trek from Cusco to Machu Picchu with friends, old and new. My friend Chloe, who I had just met during a plant medicine retreat deep in the Amazon jungle where we both had gone through Ayahuasca ceremonies and intense bonding with our sanctuary tribe. People had come from all over the world – Canada, Australia, USA, Europe, and even Egypt, India, and Lebanon. I felt purified and cleansed of some emotional pain that I had been holding onto from my marriage and relationship with my wife. It’s so crazy how the people that we love the most tend to hurt us the most, even though they may not intend to. But, after my journeying in the jungle, I was able to let go of the pain that I realized wasn’t from her, but from my own internal manifestation of insecurities and expectations. That is a whole other story, for another time.

Back to Chloe, and this story. Chloe had a very strict diet. The dieta during the Ayahuasca retreat was mostly vegetables, fruit, and fish. She was in food heaven there, and in Cusco, where we ate at the Green Point vegan restaurant every chance we had, but once we started trekking, it became difficult for her to find food to eat. She was gluten free, and only ate vegetables while we were on the road. During conversation about food, she says “Buffalo. Ilove buffalo meat.” Curious, I asked her what her diet was, “Vegan? Vegetarian? Pescatarian?”, and she tried to describe it as a “don’t-eat-farmed-meat-arian” (or something similarly lengthy and not memorable), and I said “So, a Wildivore.” Chloe nods, “Yes. I like that…” I probed further, “Why is that?” She responds, “Well, if aliens came to earth and bred humans, and put us in cages, so that they could eat us, I wouldn’t like that. So, I don’t want to do that to other beings.”

Chloe and Llama @ Machu Picchu - May 2015
Chloe and Llama @ Machu Picchu – May 2015
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