by Cody Wiggs

The rain was the cloth that wiped clean my lens of perception,

removing the grit of time to reveal what had been there all along.
The great water of creation washed around, in and through me;
immersing me
in the vision that is reality.

The boat ride through the darkness became my portal,
my mist-filled path,
that quietly led me past the thin veil separating our waking mind from the immeasurably rich texture of things as they are.
Each curve of Mother River shed another perceptual boundary
and eased me into the true presence of the landscape.
The jungle leaves enfolded me in their warm embrace
as the gloaming shades of twilight beckoned my soul
to a higher place,
a softer place.

The light of home, of sanctuary,
was an apparition out of blackness,
and brought with it a smiling knowing
that we had arrived.
This time, though, arriving in that familiar place
beyond the bounds of words.
This time, we would take our lessons from the wind and the rain.
This time, we would listen to the songs of the night,
as if hearing them
for the first time.

And when we approached the Mesada
for the second time that day,
we came to truly See it, also, for the first time.
Power thrummed through the table,
pulling us in
and resonating in that deep place of knowing.
And when I touched that table again,
I leaned in from my edge,
letting the current surge through the poles of my being.
The touch of the Shaman’s hand on my shoulder softened me further still;
and I Listened with all of my senses
as he whispered in my ear:

“Get out of your head,
and into your heart.
It’s where you’ve always wanted to be

I stepped outside of time then,
and into the presence of Power.
I let that Power take me
to that place of gentler knowing.
I watched as the old Shaman wielded that Harpy’s feather
like a surgeons scalpel.

One by one he opened our hearts;
each person arriving in their own way,
but all of us walking that old familiar path
to the place we began,
the place that is Home.

All along knowing:
The simplest answers point the way,
and true healing always begins with an opening
of the heart.

Cody on the Boat.
Cody on the Boat.
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